Dewei technology research and development center since its creation, has always been to improve the enterprise's independent technological innovation ability, perfect to industry, academia and research technology advantages and scientific research capabilities, and actively establish cooperation with universities, research institutes, to develop new materials, new products, new technologies with international advanced level and core competitiveness.


Developed the largest automatic welded stainless steel fittings (D≥3000mm)

successfully used in the Pinghu Petrochemical’s acrylic projects and China National Offshore Oil’s refinery project

Developed high-performance small-diameter stainless steel pipe, the outside diameter reached ±10µm

applied to Thermoelectric and Nuclear power areas

Developed high strength ultra-slim stainless steel welded pipe

as the liner of the clad pipe, and successfully supplied the underwater gas pipeline project in the Scarborough Reef and the product has been exported to Europe

Developed the world’s largest diameter Φ820mm intelligent continuous production line

as the world’s first largest diameterΦ820 intelligent continuous production line operates in Dewei factory

Developed large pipe thin-walled Nickle based Alloy Welded Pipe.

Application areas: oil and gas transportation composite steel pipe nickel-based alloy lined pipe

Developed N06625.N06230 Nickle based Alloy Welded Pipe.

Application areas: photovoltaic power generation

Developed X65+825 Welded Clad Pipe.

Application areas: natural gas oil and gas pipelines