Production Process

The production process and production capacity has significant advantage. Dewei owns a sophisticated chain of production, such as having exclusive production produces and equipment R&D center, raw material cutting and machining center.


Dewei’s stainless steel products are widely used in various industries.

  • Petrochemical Industry
    Petrochemical Industry

    DEWEI has became qualified suppliers of PetroChina, Sinopec, China National Offshore Oil and Shell, and successfully delivered products for Huizhou refinery project II of China National Offshore Oil, Zhejiang Sinopec, Hengli Petrochemical, SATLPEC, Yisheng Petrochemicals and other domestic and overseas petrochemical customers.

  • Electric Power
    Electric Power

    DEWEI’s product has been used in more than 50 domestic and overseas electric power plants, including CHINA ENERGY, The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River and the Dooman River Power Plant.

  • Natural Gas
    Natural Gas

    DEWEI’s product has been used in numerous domestic and overseas LNG projects, including Guangxi LNG project, Zhejiang Energy Group Wenzhou LNG, China National Offshore Oil Corporation Zhejiang LNG,Zhejiang petrochemical LNG project, Uzbekistan National Energy LNG Project, BOMESC Offshore Engineering Company’s LNG Project and other China’s Belt and Road Initiative Projects.

  • Seawater Desalination & Water Treatment
    Seawater Desalination & Water Treatment

    DEWEI’s product has been used in domestic and overseas seawater desalination projects, including Nine Dragons Paper Seawater Desalination Project, South Africa National Seawater Desalination Project, Nansha Yongxing Seawater Desalination Project, Israel National water desalination project,we continuously involve in resolving the problem of the shortage of water resource.

  • Offshore Engineering & Shipbuilding
    Offshore Engineering & Shipbuilding

    DEWEI’s product has been used in offshore engineering, including the Wartsila offshore platform and CIMC Raffles offshore platform, Koppel Offshore and Marine of Singapore, Samsung Heavy Industries and Busan Heavy Industries, Dewei continuously making contribution to the world's high-tech ocean projects.

  • Heat Exchange Tubes
    Heat Exchange Tubes

    Stainless steel heat exchange tube is a very common material used in areas of electric power, chemical engineering, and petroleum industry. Dewei has always been focusing on the development and testing new varieties of stainless steel heat exchange tubes in order to produce high-quality and reliable products.

  • Paper-Making Pipes
    Paper-Making Pipes

    DEWEI’s product has been used in numerous domestic and overseas large paper-making projects, including Nine Dragons Paper, Sinar Mas Group and APRIL Group, and SUN PAPER. Dewei continue to make contributions to maintain the sustainability of paper-making industry.

  • Construction

    Stainless steel pipes have been used in more and more construction fields due to its corrosion resistance and high pressure resistance effect. Dewei has undertaken the project of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and The Second Beijing International Airport.

  • Drinking Water
    Drinking Water

    Food-grade steel pipes are widely used in airport and urban pipe network projects, including Beijing airport drinking water project and Jinan city pipe network drinking water project.

  • Sanitary Tubes
    Sanitary Tubes

    DEWEI’s stainless steel sanitary tube covers a full range of customer's requirements, such as food, drinking and pharmaceutical industry. Our customers include Wahaha Group, Xinhua Pharm, Bright dairy and Dove Chocolate. Dewei is living up to its responsibilities and obligations when it comes to Medicine , Health and food safety.